Parish Clerk : Mr Ray Hallam      Monthly meetings at - St John’s Community Church Hall, Old Chester Road, Higher Walton, Warrington
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Monthly Parish Agendas 2017
Monthly Parish Agendas 2016
Monthly Parish Agendas 2015
Monthly Parish Agendas 2015
*Our Agendas are in PDF format, you can download a free copy of adobe PDF reader by clicking this link
A copy of the latest Walton Parish Council Agenda is also displayed on our Parish Council Notice boards prior to our scheduled meetings. Please note, Parish Council meetings do not take place in August.  
Annual Agenda 2017
Annual Parish Council Meeting
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Monthly Parish Agendas 2018
Annual Agenda 2018
Annual Parish Council Meeting
Monthly Parish Agendas 2019
Annual Agenda 2019
Annual Parish Meeting
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